Vegetarian Pasta

Spaghetti With Beetroot Sauce


One ofMY FAVORITE vegetarian pastas is this really  tasty and so healthy as well  Spaghetti with Beetroot sauce. This sauce is so  magical, natural, happy colored, adding also  feelings  of having something really very special for lunch or dinner. The test is deep earthy but combined with garlic and Parmesan is very soft and unforgettable. This recipe past like storm while scrolling trough  Facebook not long ago  and i loved it. I  did not give attention who’s post was this  but i decide to try it and to check my kids approval (their opinion is very important) as long as my concern for their well being is also very important to me in order to prepare dishes with more vegetables included in. The recipe my vary from the original because i did not really give quite attention to it to follow full but this is the one i’m making at home :


Ingredients needed:

3 baby beetroot ( all parts are going to be used)

1 cup and 1/2 grated Parmesan

1-2 vegetable (or chicken stock) 

4-5 garlic gloves

black pepper 

butter ( or oil as desired)

500 gr. Spaghetti 


Pine nuts

more Parmesan 


Wash the beets, peel the heads, cut the strings on small pieces, place in small pan and add water just to cover it.Bring to simmer at low for about 5 min. ( beetroots don’t like much boiling as vitamins may gone) .


Keep the leaves aside. After 5 min. blend the beets and strings with a cup of the simmering water in blender. Place the paste in sauce pan and add more of the simmering water to reach  sauce consistency. Bring to  low heat,  add the 1 and 1/2 cup Parmesan, black pepper and the cube stocks ( or salt to test),  stir .


Add the garlic and the  leaves , simmer to soften the greens little bit.


Switch off the heat and add the butter ( or oil). Add this amazing and testy sauce to the already cooked  and  well drained spaghetti and watch the magic working by  coloring all in deep purple red. Top with pine nuts and Parmesan.

When i cooked this Spaghetti for  the first time i told my kids will not except even to try but very fortunately i saw  exited faces , forks fast in mouths and tombs up. Wishing Bon Appetite to all of You too dear Friends ! 🙂



Vegetarian Pasta