Spice Raks Kreamy Korma Curry Mix


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Backpacking and tenting|tenting}} meals|foods} from the professionals|professionals|pros}. Actual|Precise} meals|foods}, able|able|in a position} to devour|devour|consume} – The contents are totally|completely|utterly} cooked and so could also be|is also|could also be} eaten scorching|scorching|scorching} or chilly|cold}. To serve scorching|scorching|scorching}: Position|Place} unopened pouch in boiling water for 7-eight|8} mins|minutes}. On the other hand|However|On the other hand|Alternatively} empty the contents into an acceptable|an appropriate|the perfect} saucepan and stir lightly|calmly} even as|similtaneously|whilst|whilst} heating completely|utterly|utterly} on a tenting|tenting}} range|vary}.
Nutritional data|wisdom|information}: (Reasonable|Average|Cheap} values consistent with|in step with|in step with|consistent with|in keeping with|in keeping with} 100g) – Power|Energy}: 1235kj/294kcal (Paack 586kcal). Protein: 3.3g. Carbohydrate: 43g. Fats|Fat}: 12g.
Ingredients:Toffee Sauce (fifty two|52}.five|five}}%) (Water, Sugar, Unmarried|Single} Cream (accommodates|accommodates|comprises|accommodates} Milk), Golden Syrup, Butter (accommodates|accommodates|comprises|accommodates} Milk), Maize Starch, Cream Powder (accommodates|accommodates|comprises|accommodates} Milk), Whey Powder (accommodates|accommodates|comprises|accommodates} Milk), Color|Colour}: Undeniable|Plain|Easy} Caramel; Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum), Toffee Pudding (forty seven|47}.five|five}}%) (Wheat Flour (accommodates|accommodates|comprises|accommodates} Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Thiamin, Nicotinamide), Sugar, Water, Vegetarian Suet, Toffee Items|Pieces} (accommodates|accommodates|comprises|accommodates} Soya), Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Vegetarian Glycerine, Elevating|Raising} Agent : Baking Powder; Toffee Flavour).
Shelf life – 3 years from date of manufacture. Storage – Retailer|Store} unopened pouch in cool, dry prerequisites|necessities|conditions}.
Allergens – Soya, Milk and Gluten from Wheat. A part of|Part of} The Scout Affiliation|Association} really useful|really useful|in reality helpful|really useful|in reality helpful} package|bundle|apparatus}. Weight: 200g

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