Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea 100g Black Loose Leaf Decaff Tea by TeaCakes of Yorkshire.


A classic “Ceylon” character, with a pleasant mild astringency, and a sweet floral bouquet. a vibrant copper cup.
A vibrant copper cup, having a medium body, balanced astringency and long finish nobody will tell this is decaff.
Grade: FP (Flowery Pekoe)


A vintage “Ceylon” persona, with a pleasing delicate astringency, and a candy floral bouquet. A colourful copper cup.
A colourful copper cup, having a medium frame, balanced astringency and lengthy end no person will inform that is decaff.
Grade: FP (Flowery Pekoe)
Caffeine Information: Got rid of / Antioxidant Content material: Medium
Starting place: Sri Lanka / Area: Dimbula

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