Bolly Bulbs® – Red Cabbage ‘Red Drumhead’ (100 Seeds)


Cabbage is undoubtedly the king of the vegetable patch. With it’s unique taste it has been a staple on our plates since time immemorial. Cabbage is also jam packed with healthy nutrients too; rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, carotenoids, anti-oxidative lutein, gives cabbage its anti-inflammatory and emollient properties
Cabbage Red Drumhead is an easy to grow dark burgundy red cabbage that is good looking, tasty and packed full of vitamins. It produces crisp, firm & crunchy hearts that are great raw, cooked or pickled with vinegar
Introduced in 1867, this large autumn variety will stand into the new year

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Cabbage is no doubt the king of the vegetable patch. With it is distinctive style it’s been a staple on our plates when you consider that time immemorial. Cabbage could also be jam filled with wholesome nutrients too; wealthy in Nutrition A, B1, B2, C, Ok, carotenoids, anti-oxidative lutein, provides cabbage its anti inflammatory and emollient houses
Cabbage Purple Drumhead is a simple to develop darkish burgundy Purple cabbage that may be excellent taking a look, tasty and packed stuffed with nutrients. It produces crisp, company & crunchy hearts which might be nice uncooked, cooked or pickled with vinegar
Offered in 1867, this huge autumn selection will stand into the brand new 12 months
Simple to develop, even more straightforward to seem after as soon as dependent. Stay weed unfastened and this selection will take care of itself till harvest
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