Alfred Enderby Smokehouse Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock Fillets (500g) Premium Smoked Fish from Our 100 Year Old Smokehouse


TRADITIONALLY SMOKED: Our Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock is recognised internationally. It has Protected Geographical Status, which means that only haddock smoked the traditional way, in Grimsby, can be called Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock.
INTERNATIONALLY AWARDED: EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status has been awarded to our traditional smoked haddock.
PREMIUM SMOKED HADDOCK FILLETS: Skin on haddock fillets, boned and vacuum packed individually.

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TRADITIONALLY SMOKED: Our Grimsby Conventional Smoked Haddock is recognized the world over. It has Secure Geographical Standing, because of this that best haddock smoked the normal approach, in Grimsby, Can also be known as Grimsby Conventional Smoked Haddock.
INTERNATIONALLY AWARDED: EU Secure Geographical Indication (PGI) Standing has been offered to our Conventional smoked haddock.
PREMIUM SMOKED HADDOCK FILLETS: Pores and skin on haddock fillets, boned and vacuum packed in my view.
COOK, CHILL OR FREEZE: Can also be stored as much as 7 days chilled and unopened or freeze. As soon as opened, we suggest that use your Alfred Enderby smoked haddock inside of 3 days.
ALFRED ENDERBY: The Alfred Enderby fish smokehouse in Grimsby has been smoking the best contemporary fish in a perfectly Conventional approach for over 100 years. Our Conventional smokehouse at Grimsby Fish Docks, with its unique ornate iron cowls, is kind of a century vintage, with generations of the Enderby circle of relatives all for working it {for for 2} thirds of that point. A circle of relatives industry, we pleasure ourselves at the top quality ability and craftsmanship that is going into our award profitable smoked fish.

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