Dear Friends,

My blog is All About Share,  to share  my experiences, for now in the kitchen, later on in other fields of my daily life.images-8 My idea is to easy and help people which does not have time to research successful ending recipes. There is a lots of  recipes on the net but often we need the ones that are absolutely shared with All the little (that are exactly the bigger ones at the end) secrets in order to reach the right and satisfying  result, without spending extra money, effort and time for shopping the ingredients, cooking it and after all to ends up with something so unexpected. My biggest  daughter (13 year old) wants to live healthy live, trying healthy recipes, cooking and i adore her way of thinking and devotion but time to time she is facing unexpected surprises by the recipes that just don’t  work even by following the  precise ratio of the indigence followed by feeding the trash bin because neither is testy 🙂 Some recipes in here are mine, some are moderated by me and others are from other cooking fields sources and are amazing too, according to my home experts (kids, husband, relatives and friends). It is so nice to have someone who can share what may be the cause  that some recipes are not working, some other many small little secrets that will really help a lot in time need. There is a lot of misguidance of what is really  healthy and not healthy as well . Also I’ll share my  way of making my own fresh spices, dressings, toppings, decoration that may safe  lots of money and is even tastier.  I would like to talk more also about the so called “diets” and everything else that is useful in any specific latter posts.

           Few words about me :Professional  Artistic Gymnastic coach, mother of 5 amazing children, wife of my wonderful man, Professional  make up Artist and Hair Stylist.

 Hobbies : Art painting, Cooking,  Cake decorating, Suing, Knitting, Researching, Enjoying every single day of the time life given. Trying many new fields and proving myself again and again that all things can be achieved IF there is power will. I am not professional cooker but after long research and taking data  from several (not only one) ways, finally at the end i got a really very successful done’s  that are  working excellent every single time.

At last, i would like to let Open my blog and  start posting my post one by one even thou some of my pages are empty at the moment ( soon all will change :),  as I am not seeing a  reason to close and present a book ( blog is never ended book to me:) Life time, time is expensive and it is wise to preserve it.

Wishing All the Best to Everyone , Keep love, Keep Peace, Be Well and stay in Love 🙂