Easy Vanilla Baked Cheesecake

Good Morning Dear Ladies and Happy Women International Day 🙂

Wishes to  All giving life, peace and love half of Humanity continual Creative Power, Tender Strength, Self love, Wisdom, Happiness, Health and Prosperity ,

And……Cup of Tea with piece of Cake,

this cake is so easy to bake, never fails, finishing for seconds, looks pretty, tests delicious, creamy and fruity. Just need some few steps which will help you to bake it every time with getting  better and better dones and more and more confidence in the ‘kitchen time’. It was not that easy to me at my first times because there was no one to explain to me exactly what to do, how to prevent burning, when and how to remove the sides of the spring forms   and all those “little, small” details. Life confirmed  ones again that Practice makes Perfect and this is how i am doing it now:

Needed Ingredients for Easy Vanilla Baked Cheesecake:

2 pack. 80z. (254) gr. Cream Cheese ( I am using American Heritage)

1 cup Creme Fraiche

1 and 1/3 cup sugar

3 egg’s

1 and 1/2 tb.sp. corn starch

1 tb.sp. good quality vanilla paste or essence + seeds of 1/2  vanilla bean


2 and 1/2 cups digestive biscuits crumbs (sand like ) + 1/4 cup sugar

1 small pack butter (1/2 cup)


2-3 spoons jam of your choice ( mixed berry’s) + fresh fruits of your choice ( mixed berry’s)

little powder sugar for dusting ( optional )


It is very important before starting the cake your all products to be at room temperature !

Mix digestive crumbs with sugar and the melted butter, stir all well. I am using 2 and 1/2 cups crumbs in order to reach this high level crust. Grease 8 inch spring form with butter to easy  sticking the crumbs on the sides ,other whys will be very difficult and wont stick really. Whit strait vertical sided cup distribute evenly the crust mixture and press to help sticking on the sides of the form. Refrigerated for about 15 min. to harden. Heat the oven to 180’C and bake the crust  in the middle rack (till your nose feels the smell of baked cookies) 5-10min. depending on the size of your oven or the color of your form. If it is black , i suggest lower temperature 160’C and sharper nose sense or cover the bottom of your form  with  foil  before placing in the oven. This steps can prevent burning not only cakes but any other dishes and bakes. Ones is ready, cool it before adding the cream texture.

Cake batter:

I am using American Heritage Pasteurized cream cheese and i love it. It is more firm and thicker, also creamy. I will never make cheesecake with another kind as long as i can find Heritage in the market.! With mixer beat the cream  cheese and sugar to sugar dissolving. !From this stage to after Don’t Over mix the batter, make it Quick and reduce the speed of the mixer. Start the oven on 160’C. I choose creme Fraice because it have less tangy flavour and behaving quite well on heats. Add the creme Fraiche, than start adding the egg’s one at the time, beat by hand aside the 3th egg with the vanilla seeds before adding it and give last slow  2-3 stirs. Add the cornstarch and  vanilla essence and fold in with spatula by hand (don’t over-mix).

Cover the bottom of the spring form (in case is not yet covered ) with foil and place it over baking deep tin, pour  the batter over cooled crust, add hot water to the baking tin to  half level of the spring form and bake for 1 hour at already heated to 160’C oven in the lower rack level. You will know that is ready when by slow shake the cake will giggle in the center  and that is normal. After 10 min. cooling on the counter, pass a knife around the age of the cake while inside the form carefully.  Let the cake to cool to room temperature  cover with kitchen paper towel and for best  refrigerate it for a night.

Before serving or giving away to someone dear to you remove the sides of the spring form, place it where you desire. If there is little sweaty like dew over the top of the cake  caused  by the cool to room temperature equalizing ,damp it with paper towel tenderly by tapping moves. Heat the jam little bit to be easy while spreading  little in the middle of the top and arrange your fruit decor, if you like, snow it with powder sugar. Bon Apetite 🙂

note: The reading and the writing is more than the action you need to take, its really easy by following step by step 🙂

Wishes for Wonderful Day!

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