Make Buttermilk Substitude At Home


 Dear Friends,

many recipes are called for Buttermilk, there is many people know how to make substitute at home. Many people yet do not know or even didn’t  think can be done. I would like to share my way and what i prefer to use in order to have it natural as possible can be. However, buttermilk is the remained liquids left behind after producing the butter. In this days to the most of manufactured  buttermilk in the markets is added salt (preservatives) conservatives, thicken agents even cornstarch. While  buying is better to be given attention to the content. Cultivated is better choice. The best way to me is to use lemon. In case i want more soft, not that lemony test i use 1 and 1/2 tea spoon cream of Tartar dissolved in 2-3 drops water before adding to the milk. If i don’t have fresh lemons or cream of Tartar, sure as many people knows white vinegar  BUT!!!…. it wont be Any white vinegar.  Commercial white vinegar is basically a pure chemical and it is better to be aware of post harmful  effects to your health. It may cause Digestive Tract Irritation, burning sensations or stomachache which  can contribute to nausea. If you have problems  such as indigestion, stomach ulcers or heartburn, heavy or artificial  vinegar  consumption can aggravate your symptoms. The white artificial ( Chemical ) Vinegar can interact with certain types of  prescription drugs or dietary supplements. It  can affect the  way that diuretics and insulin work, potentially leading to lowered  potassium levels in your body. Consult your doctor regarding vinegar  consumption if you take these or other prescription drugs, or if you are  pregnant or breastfeeding. Having this in mind and watching how to the recipes of making buttermilk is promoted by images the Chemical Artificial One ( that have no place at all in my life and kitchen as well ) is making me really unhappy for the health of the ones that following and making buttermilk with chemicals, sadly.

 So, If i don’t have fresh lemons or cream of Tartar, i am using Rice white vinegar.

In 1 cup of LOW (close to the cultivated way) fat milk + 1 tb.sp lemon juice


+ 1 and 1/2 t. sp. Cream of Tartar dissolved in 2-3 drops water


+ tb. sp. white Rice vinegar

Stir and after 5- 10 min. is ready to be used as need it.

 Wishing good health and care to all 🙂


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