Bean Soup Family Way

I love this recipe…Reminds me of my childhood, the smile of  my grandma, the fresh smell of vegetables right from the garden, the look of that labor  hands of my grandpa while breaking the bread and the quiet time while we were eating. Amazing fresh test that brings also tender and heart touching memories to me. The very good part of this soup is that, while it cooks gives allowance of doing something else instead staying over  and guarding  strictly. I have friends that asked me for this  way  of cooking the bean soup and…….Here it is :


400 gr. dry white beans

1 big white onion

2 sticks celery

1 big carrot

half’s of red, yellow and green bell pepper

7-8 cherry tomatoes or 2 plum tomatoes

salt to your test

1/2 tb.sp. sweet paprika or 1 tb. sp. pepper puree

 1 and 1/2 tb.sp. dry thyme

big bunch of celery leaves

big bunch of mint leaves

Cooking time:

Wash the bean. Cover with water and soak for about 3-4 hours.  Cut the onion (bean size like) , rains the bean , place both in a pot, cover with water (  1 l. and 750 ml),  add  little oil. Ones start boiling reduce to low heat ( low boiling). That will prevent of reaching dark muddy look of the soup at the end. Let the beans and onion boil about 45 min. If the water evaporates (and it will ), add little bit.  After 45th minute freedom check the beans, it must be almost done ( but not completely done).  Add  the cut celery, peppers, carrot, dry thyme and the paprika. Let reach the boiling point again and  after 7-10  min. add the tomatoes and  salt to test. Boil for 5 further minutes. Turn of the heat than add the fresh roughly cut mint and celery leaves. And that is it , Bon Appetite 🙂  Many times this bean soup is our dinner,  with some salad and fresh bread.


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