Velvet Blueberryblast Crepes



I am really very happy to share my very special own created recipe for crepes. It is nice time to time to experience in the kitchen.  Also many times our so called “mistakes” are  turning out to create something new, interesting and not at all less testier  than the ordinary ways by following the  strong rules 🙂 In this recipe i did not have time to mistake as it turns right just by  first attempt.  My idea was to cook something fruity, mulberry, colorful, testy and out of ordinary. I named this crepes Velvet according to the velvety texture achieved and  Blueberryblast, because i used fresh blueberry juice for the batter. Here we go :

Crepes batter:

1 and 1/2 cups blueberry juice (i made my own, cup blueberry+cup water)

2 egg’s

little less than 1/4 cup vegetable oil

2 tb.sp. sugar

2 pinches sodium bicarbonate

1 cup flour

4 picked tb.sp. powder milk

1/2 t.sp. berry essence  ( optional )


500 ml. whipped cream with 1/4 cup powder sugar + 1 t.sp. vanilla

paste + added  2oo gr. mixed berry’s ( after being whipped )


300 gr. Mix berry’s

1 tb.sp. corn starch

2 tb.sp sugar

1 cup water

Mix the wet and dry ingredients, combine both and stir. Spray or slide greased paper kitchen towel  trough the surface of the crepes pan only for the first crepe ( the rest does no need ). Pour over equal parts of the batter, cook till the edges are dry and it is easy to peel like the crepe ( in this recipe there is no “flying crepes as the original ones that can be flipped in the air :), than flip and let the other side to cook for only about 15 to 30 sec. If the cooking prolong, there will be darker and not that velvety and smooth surface as mine in the picture below:


The cream is already set. Next ….sauce time. All ingredients are jumping in the pan, stir gently, bring to low heat and ones get thicker is done. I actually start cooking practically from here and going to the top of the recipe to give a time to the sauce  to cool. And….. it came the  time to …….Eeeeeeeeat……….This is really yummmm 🙂  All my family said Yes to this Velvet Blueberryblast Crepes, Yours will say Yes too, my Friends 🙂 Share done .





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